Online Local Ranking and Search Engine Marketing

For businesses looking to reach a larger, more locally-targeted audience, Local Lighthouse is the trusted resource for expertise in online local ranking and search engine marketing.

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Flexibility for any Business

We offer a full suite of services to place businesses in local maps, organic search and sponsored results online. Our customers range from businesses with a single location to 800-site national chains. Whether you have a website or not, we can help you establish your business online and target customers geographically.

Local Lighthouse’s Local Maps SEO helps you be found in the Maps section of the three largest search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing.

When potential customers are looking for a plumber, for example, they want a listing in their local zip code, community or city. Search engines program their systems to be geographically based and deliver local results. This means that the search engine will automatically show results in the desired community. If it doesn’t, the service/product, along with either the city/state name or zip code can be entered. This will result in a ‘map’ appearing in the search results, that shows and lists business locations and contact information.


Local Lighthouse delivers custom web solutions to each client. The foundation of the web presence will be established through a custom web site designed to drive traffic and increase your rankings on search results pages. On top of this, we ensure everything we produce on the web about your company meets the guidelines of all the major search engines. Our experts will constantly work to ensure your page is ranking organically as well as delivering resutls from pay-per-click(PPC) advertising.

Local Focus

Local Business SEO Tustin

At Local Lighthouse we realize the importance of locality in searches. Google has indicated that over 20% of searches contain some sort of reference to locality, be it city, state, or country. Our directory submissions are done in a way to optimize your listings by submitting local addresses to Google Maps as well as 14 other top directories. We incorporate testimonials, pictures, hours of operation and methods of payment accepted to ensure a thorough listing which will give your company a more complete and compelling listing than the competition. We keep your listing up to date and include any coupons or promotions you offer to entice consumers to visit your site.


mobile phone SEO

Local Lighthouse prides itself on being one step ahead of the competition. Lets face it, most consumers use their cellphones when using the internet, thats why the websites we design are mobile friendly. When a consumer looks to a directory for a service, your company pops up and the consumer is actually able to easily view your site on their phone, which ensures that the consumer will spend more time on your site. Local Lighthouse is working on incorporating QR Codes into our campaigns which is a relatively new form of marketing in the United States, which again, will put your company one step ahead of the competition. Whether its Text Message marketing or getting listed on Mobile Apps, Local Lighthouse can take care of it all for your business.


The most important role in marketing is CRM, (Customer Relationship Management). Here at Local Lighthouse we offer a variety of tools to increase your companies Social Network by Marketing with Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We also offer Lead Generation by utilizing Online and Inbound programs to drive business to your website or Social Site. All of these services are tracked by Google Analytics to show just how valuable they are, where they can be strengthened and how much time a consumer is actually spending on your site.

Industry Focus

At Local Lighthouse, our niche focuses are not just limited to locality but industry as well. We work with clients from all across the nation who are looking to improve their web presence and get more clients.

Check out our industry spotlight for attorneys:


Local Lighthouse has professional partnerships that allow us to offer extra value and services to our Local and Small Business SEO Clients

Local Lighthouse Scheduler

Scheduling a large or small team can produce many problems without too many feasible solutions. Local Lighthouse Scheduler addresses many of those specific scheduling problems providing a solid foundation by which our customers accelerate their unique business objectives.