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Local PARC

Local PARC is our client tool for Performance and Reporting. Take advantage of metrics and performance measurements to analyze the strength and breadth of your web site. Our measurements and graphics will enable you to quickly assess how your website is performing along with some other great features:

  • Assess how your potential customers are finding you
  • See how often is your site being viewed
  • See what devices your customers are using to find you
  • View how deep are your potential customers going in your web sites
  • Utilize customer acquisition metrics to measure your new customer flow
Device Showing Local PARC Dashboard

Our Progress

We realize the importance of each new client relationship and you should know where we are at in each stage of our implementation of your new high performance web site. We provide a quick and easy graphical view of each stage of the website creation process

PARC Features

With a beautiful and easy to use interface, localPARC brings the latest in News, Weather, Site Reporting, Learning Center and more!

Local PARC Calendar Section


Manage your schedule in a more efficient way with a simple and yet powerful calendar tool. Here you can create multiple events, keep track of meetings and deadlines. localPARC Calendar will display a reminder when a specific event is due, so you don’t have to worry about missing your next business event.

Local PARC Site Reporting Section

Site Reporting

Site reporting identifies how many potential clients visited your site and when they are visiting. It also determines which keyword is giving your business the most hits. Plus it gives you your Customer Acquisition Score based off of your current search rankings and search volume. This score tells you how many clients Local Lighthouse is sending to your business each month.

Local Lighthouse University and Local Lighthouse Games

Local Lighthouse U & Games

In the Local Lighthouse University you will be able to learn exactly what Local Lighthouse is doing for your business along with how search engine optimization works. From a brief overview to detailed tips, you will find answers to your questions in the learning center. Give yourself a break and release some stress with Local Lighthouse Games section.