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FAQ - Customer Service

Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions

Who is charging my credit card?
Local Lighthouse uses best-in-class merchant banks to process your credit card. On your credit card statement, it might appear under different descriptions. These may be Local Lighthouse, Local Web Marketing, EN855-389-3565 or a variation of this description. Your charge may also not be a rounded number, such as display cents. This is due to our merchant banks providing you with the lowest cost to charge your credit card. The best part is we are passing the savings on to you. For example, if your contract rate is $99.00, it may appear as $97.05.
Can I change my keywords?
We do extensive research on your industry related topics and target services. We use a research tool that allows us to see exactly how people are searching in your area for your services. We will take suggestions regarding keywords but we will choose the keywords that will get your traffic and in turn get you more business. Getting you in front of your target audience is our goal and we choose the keywords based on our expertise that will do just this.We advise you to not change your keywords after we have already got the website completed because it will restart the ranking process on the search engines, however you can change your keywords when signing a new agreement and paying a fee.
When will my website be completed?
The website will take 2 weeks to be completed; we will notify you by email to view your 1st draft.
Who writes the content for my website?
We have a dedicated and diligent team of professional writers who not only write unique, relative content, but also engineer it so it is optimized for increased search engine traffic. We focus on search friendly keywords, links, and other SEO tactics to ensure that the content on your site is professional and performs well.
Where do you post the content you create?
We hand select appropriate websites, forums, blogs, and others based on their domain strength and ranking power. We only publish material on websites that fit your niche, but don't worry; we utilize every online venue available to get your site ranked where it should be.
What are my keywords?
Your keywords can be found in your Local Parc account under Reports.
Why did you chose that domain?
The domain we choose is an SEO tactic. Your domain will be one of your top services along with geo tag. Example www.plumbertustin.com. This helps improve your rankings along with getting your website in front of your clients. When people search the typically search service and city just like the domain we are choosing for you.
Why did you choose those keywords?
Our Keyword Research team chose the keywords that best fit your industry and location.
How do I go to my website?
You can find your website URL in your Local Parc account under Reports.
Where do I send the pictures in I want on my website?
You can send in any pictures you would like on the website to cs@locallighthouse.com
Where do I send the content I want on my website?
You can send in any content you would like on the website to cs@locallighthouse.com
How do I make a change to my website?
To make a change to your website please email cs@locallighthouse.com or give us a call at (888) 370-8231.
Is site maintenance service included?
Yes, as long as you are a Local Lighthouse client, we will monitor your website's performance. If we find that we need to refresh the content to maintain effective rankings, then we will.
How do I check where I am ranking on the search engines?
To check where you are ranking on the search engines please check your Local Parc account which will show you exactly where you are ranking.