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FAQ - Local PARC

Local PARC Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local PARC?
Local PARC stands for Performance And Reporting Center. Every client gets exclusive access to PARC, our innovative Web-based reporting system. Local PARC is your portal to everything about your website. You can check how your site is ranking, submit a revision request, update your social media profile, and more.
How do I login to my Local PARC?
Go to www.localparc.com, your username is your file number and the password is what you created.
What do I do if I forgot my username and password for Local PARC?
If you forgot your username or password to login to Local PARC please give us a call at (888) 370-8231 or email at cs@locallighthouse.com and we will reset it for you.
How do I measure success?
Within Local PARC, you will receive monthly updates showing you exactly how your website is performing in a variety of searches. Local PARC will show you how your website has climbed the rankings. You can always contact us directly and consult with our Customer Service specialists directly to learn any additional tips and tricks.
What is the difference between visits and page views?
Visits are when you click on a website, page views are when you find the service page on the search engine.
What is a Customer Acquisition Score?
A Customer Acquisition score is based off your current search rankings and search volume. The score denotes the amount of minimum clients gained the previous month.