What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It means getting traffic from search engines in an organic manner, not by ads. When a website is built the search engines do not automatically start sending traffic to your website, they need to be notified and then links need to be built to your website. The links are followed by little bots called spiders, they go from one site to the next trying to find new content.

One important aspect of SEO is is the purchase of a domain. You may want to buy one that is keyword based or related to your company name, you could also do a combination of both. The importance on the domain name is because those terms should support the type of traffic you want to get. If you sell plumbing supplies then you may want companynameplumbing.com for example. if you bought plumbing.com then you certainly would start ranking in the search results for plumbing but it might be harder to come in for your company name. This is because search engines partially associate your domain name with the keywords that you should place for.

How your website is built is a key aspect of search engine optimization so it is important that you choose a company to build it that takes into account the items needed to help increase the placement within the search results. The title of a page, title of images, webpage load time and content are all items that can help you achieve your seo goals. A mobile friendly website is a consideration in today’s era of of smartphones and tablets.

When choosing a website design company it is essential to consider SEO as a key component of your online marketing strategy. Especially for small businesses that do not have the market spend that larger corporations do. Local Lighthouse has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your online marketing goals.


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