Why is Fresh, Unique Content So important for SEO?

Search engines send little bots to websites called spiders. Those spiders scan for new content and then another spider comes along to determine if the search engine should index the content. Indexed means that it will appear within a user’s search page results. If a page’s content matches content that is already on the Internet, it is unlikely that a search engine will index it.

Some of the SEO-relevant aspects of a webpage are the title and the types of keywords that are chosen to appear throughout the content. A search engine rates the title pretty high when considering what search result the page will appear in, and they also rate a page by how often keywords appear. That does NOT mean that a company should type “auto mechanic Florida” a hundred times on a page. but it should appear enough times so that a search engine can understand that it is the topic of the page. Similar relevant keywords should be included, such as the specific types of services or products offered, so search engines can narrow down exactly what searches a page should appear for. Additional keywords help with what we call long tail keywords. That would be a phrase such as “cheap transmission auto mechanic (city).”

Content should be user-friendly. The text should be easily readable by users and the more readable and interesting that it is, the more likely the users will hit the share button. When a user hits the share button, search engines track that a link was built to the webpage and if that happens enough times then the placement of the webpage will begin to increase within the search results page.

The combination of the two items equals what we like to call content marketing. Content marketing is one of the most valuable commodities on the Internet. Everyone wants it but very few want to do it or do it well. Did you like this article? Hit the share button! (See what I did there?)

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