Local Lighthouse Update!

With our recent move into our new 14,000 square foot facility in Costa Mesa, CA, we at Local

Lighthouse couldn’t be happier with our growth and progress in 2014, and have our sights set

on even bigger horizons in the coming 2015!

Since our move, we have nearly tripled in size and are continuing to expand at a rapid rate;

from our Sales Team to our Customer Service Department to better service existing and new


We also are excited to announce that Client Performance and Reporting Center (PARC) is

undergoing a huge revamp! From your local news and weather, calendar, and mini-games, to

website statistics and analysis, the new Local PARC will provide a unique user experience into

the world of SEO unlike any other in the industry!

Local Lighthouse is Hiring!

We are currently looking for talented sales and customer service representatives to join our


If you wish to be a part of a company on the frontlines of technology and taking the SEO

Industry by storm, then Local Lighthouse is the company for you.

To apply, please visit:


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