Local Lighthouse Fall, 2014 Quarter Starts off With a Bang!

Today marks another insert into the Local Lighthouse achievement timeline with not just 1 major release, but 2! Let’s start with the release of PARC (Performance and Reporting Center) v2.0!


Not only did PARC receive a complete makeover, but it came with the release of several stunning new features! From your account custom profile, campaign marketing timeline, website analytics and reports, to pop-up games, custom functional calendar, global AND local news, and much more! PARC v2.0 provides a custom user experience unlike any other in the industry.


If you are an existing client and have not yet registered for your NEW PARC account, please register for your new account by clicking here.


And to our 2nd of two releases…Local Lighthouse is proud to announce the release of its 3 new Customer Website Design Styles seen here:





These new design styles lend themselves to a massive, wide range of industries that can be personalized to fit any business aesthetic need.


If you aren’t advertising online yet, you are guaranteed to be losing out on potential business. To get more information on marketing your business online and get your business found in front of your local customers please visit Local Lighthouse or call toll-free @ 1-888-370-8231!

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