“I am not on the first page of Google!”

You are not where you want to be on Google. Why?

There are many factors that can play into why you are not shown on the first page of a  search engine.

One of them is your businesses website. Do you have one? Is it optimized? Some of this may sound like a foreign language to you. I am sure you know what a website is. But what is a optimized website? Optimized website means, to make the content of your website (as in performance, authority and user experience) as effective as possible. The key to that is knowing the audience for your business. Who is looking at your products or services? Create a website based on that target demographic. For example, if you are a hair salon which cater mostly to women, you will need to create a website that appeals to women.

Besides the website itself, there is something called off-site SEO which can also improve your ranking on search engine. Off-site SEO is as it sounds; something that is not on your website such as map listings and social media platforms. Map listing is used to show the location of your business. This is very useful when your would-be customer trying to locate you via their mobile device. It can show them the route to get to your location. Social Media is another great way to increase visibility. It is easy if you already use Facebook regularly. You can create one for your business, use Instagram (refer  to my #hashtag post) or Twitter and gain followers!

Does all of this sound like too much work or too complicated for you? Hire an SEO company and everything will be taken care of for you with a 60-90 day guarantee. Let a SEO company focus on your internet advertising, allowing you to focus on creating the best products or services for your clients! Check out our website (http://www.locallighthouse.com) and get the front page placement you deserve today!



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