The Power of Reviews

Approximately 76% of people trust online review sites to validate their purchases. With

that high of a percentage business owners are begging for positive reviews about their

product or service, but lack the social media and marketing power to make that happen.

So how do you get these positive reviews that you’re business needs?!

Sadly there’s no magic formula to pull positive reviews out of a hat, but here are some helpful resources

that can drastically increase your businesses chances for receiving positive reviews:


1. Incentives – Offering an online discount or purchasing incentives not only improve your chances

of making that potential client a customer; it sets you apart from the competition increasing the

odds of a returning customer and positive reviews!


2. Review Follow Up – Staying in touch with previous customers is a great way to keep them

coming back and spreading the word of your business to others. Check back in on your reviews,

comment back to your customers, and see the magic for yourself!


3. User Friendly – Making your review sites easy to use and simple to navigate greatly increases

your chances for reviews. Customers that experience a tough time trying to leave a review tend

to get discouraged and could hurt your chances of good feedback!


4. Social Media – Using popular resources like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are great ways to

broadcast your business to potential/past consumers and entice them to visit your business!


5. Ask – It never hurts to reach out past clients and ask them if they enjoyed the experience to visit

your review sites to leave a positive review.


Below are some helpful links you can use to set up review pages for your past and future clients to use:


We truly hope you find this information helpful in obtaining positive reviews for your business!

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