Local Lighthouse Reviews

“I had Local Lighthouse build my website (snaiderokitchens.com) a little over a year ago. I was very pleased with the visual format they developed, and I’ve received nothing but compliments about the site. The Local Lighthouse staff was very easy to work with when supplying images and text, and made the changes and additions I requested promptly. They have also been effective at addressing issues I had with search criteria and the accuracy of information appearing online. I would recommend them to anyone looking to optimize their web presence.”

Michael Glasser
Studio Snaidero Bay Area


“Thank you so much for all your good ideas and effort with our website, you have made this experience enjoyable. I love the format and look of the samples you created. Again, Thank you for your professional service.”

Larry Giambrone
Skills Career Education Center


“I love you guys!!! Please forgive the unprofessional response, but I looked for a very long time to be able to have the type of service you provide. You are worth everything to me. thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Sharon Michalowicz
Long Island Bookkeeping Solutions, LLC

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